Thursday, February 20, 2014

Voicemail via Email? No Way!

Here is yet another example of a scam I hear often about. This is a screen shot of what I saw in my email program:

At first glance a friendly, nicely formatted and really "professional" looking email.

Three things caught my attention before I would have clicked on "Listen";
  1. Red highlight: The sender address seems to come from "". Big discrepancy to the supposes (company?) name "Whats App".
    In my mind the warning lights went on.
  2. Purple highlight: The sender disguised very well the actual route the email had taken. That shows technical know how and (criminal?) intent.
    By now the warning bells where ringing loud.
  3. Blue highlight: When I rested the mouse cursor on the pretty "Listen" button the link behind this button translated to "".  Casino tips and forwarding voice mails via email? Oh Please, don't think I am that dumb. 
    Now I was already chuckling; just another scam email.
On top of all that I have never given neither the phone company nor the cell phone carrier any instructions to "forward voice mails by email"; what an abstruse idea.

But I know from experience that there are simple souls out there who did click on "Listen"; although the mail they had gotten likely looked different.

Actually I should be thanking the creator of this scam because he keeps me in the business of cleaning up virus infected computers.

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