Monday, February 10, 2014

eFax Scam - New Variant Of An Old Trick

Just this morning I got an email supposedly coming from eFax and I thought I better document it here.

Here are screen shots of what it looked like in Thunderbird, my email program.

The sender address seems to be (green frame). But resting the mouse cursor on the link supposedly representing the fax the translation of the name in the link, that is the place where a mouse click really would take me to, that translation clearly shows a web site in Brazil (red frame). Do you smell the rat?

Just for fun I rested the mouse cursor on the link for Help instructions and that really would take me to the help page (blue frames).

Although I personally know some people in Brazil. needless to say that I neither clicked on the first link nor did I download the compressed file (.zip) nor would I ever have opened this .zip file. My acquaintances in Brazil all have my email address.

As I always say, user beware.

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