Sunday, December 20, 2009

Upgrade to Windows 7? Not the HP Way!

Want to upgrade your HP computer to Windows 7? Read on; all others only if you want a chuckle and need to shake your head.

During the install of Windows 7 the installer programs asks if we want to do an “Upgrade” or a “Custom” install. “Upgrade” in this context is an in-place replacement of Windows Vista; “Custom” is a completely new install that wipes everything from the disk drive. On XP computers we have to do a Custom install!

This week I attempted an upgrade on a brand new, de-gunked and clean, malware free HP notebook. HP gave the customer an extra CD with HP software urging to run this CD first. I did that but to my big surprise after ca. 17.5 hours, yes, seventeen hours, the machine rebooted – back into Vista!

I can not say what the precise reason for that was; my suspicion goes towards the HP software. I have done several upgrades on other manufacturer’s computers and have never seen anything like that.

The actual Windows 7 DVD that HP sent looks totally different than any Win 7 DVD I have ever seen but it finally did the job; custom install in 45 minutes and the notebook is running great.

The lesson from all this? With Windows 7 Microsoft finally got something right but HP easily scraps it!

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Thank you in advance.