Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Nothing New?

I got an email from a long time customer who asked me
... where have you been? Not on the Blog in three months...
Here is my reply to him:
Thanks for checking the blog.
There is nothing new -- and that means no bad news and that is good news, right?

It still is the "old" story"; ransomware is at the top of the list of nasty programs.

The only way to
avoid that junk fairly reliably - but not guaranteed - is NEVER to click on any attachment to any email! 

Save the attachment to your desktop, upload the attachment to and have it checked there.

Even only one negative result is enough for me to tell the sender to check his attachments himself and stop sending out potentially infected junk files.
And DO NOT click on links in emails! Check if the link goes to the correct web site! Rest your cursor on the link and look at the left bottom corner of the browser window; there you should see the text of the target URL ( = Internet address) that your browser will take you to if you click on that link. Learn to correctly read these URLs!
Stay safe!