Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cloud Storage - again

May 5th 2013 I documented my opinion about cloud storage based on a real life example with Google's service.

Today I ran across a similar example based on Microsoft's service named "LiveDrive". Here is the original text:
LiveDrive has started closing people's accounts without warning.  Not everyone's account, of course.  Just a few.  And when those people contact the company to ask why, they're told that they were breaching the terms of their "unlimited storage" package by, er, storing too much stuff.

If this happens to you, and you make a fuss, LiveDrive will restore your access in order that you can retrieve any important data.  However, in the experience of a couple of friends of mine, this access has its bandwidth throttled to such a degree that it is virtually impossible to download anything.  So your files are pretty much lost.
So again, as a reminder, cloud storage services may be convenient but:
Your data is not safe!

You can lose access any time without warning! 
Always keep the original file locally stored and locally backed up! But does that not blow the loudly touted advantages of cloud-backup clearout of the water?

Sometimes I am outright fascinated by how easily people can be made to believe in third parties they have absolutely no control over.

IMHO at least the cloud is no place to entrust my most important documents and irreplaceable memories (aka pictures) with.

As usual I welcome comments and suggestions right here in the blog. Thank you in advance.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

2014-07-07 WTKM Talking Points (July 07 2014)

Security researchers despair: Users will run malware if paid as little as one cent.
This raises questions about the effectiveness of well known security advice when competing against the smallest of incentives,

Cloud storage service Norton Zone closes down. Users have until August 6, 2014 to migrate their data to other services.
My opinion on clous storage was published here.

Whether you use DropBox, Micro$oft's SkyDrive, Google Drive or any other free cloud storage service the service or your data can vanish “over night”.

CryptoLocker: The UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) a month ago has warned people have just two weeks to protect themselves against the CryptoLocker ransomware before both return from the dead. C&C servers were temporarily down.
These 2 weeks are past by now. What have you done?
NCA hit the nail on the head when they said:
Our message is simple: Update your operating system regularly, update your security software and use it and think twice before you click on links or attachments in unsolicited emails.”
      “An estimated 234,000 computers worldwide, half in the US, have been infected with CryptoLocker since September 2013. These infection have been used to bilk victims out of more than $27m according to FBI estimates.” 
CryptoPrevent from FoolishIT
CryptoGuard from SurfRight (this is what I use; but my main defense is paying attention!)  

Do you remember?
About 10 to 12 weeks ago the US government (DHS) advised NOT TO USE Internet Explorer! Update, update, update!
In Windows version you should run at least
Vista SP2 IE 9
Windows 7 IE 9
Windows 8 IE 10
Windows 8.1 IE 11

Do NOT tolerate Youtube ads! Some of them distribute malware and trojan horse viruses!

"Microsoft scam calls": Sorry but neither MS not their "partners" know that we exist.
“I am calling from Windows”; there is no company named "Windows"!
All downloads, fixes updates a.s.o. for Windows XP offered on web sites are bogus; beware!
The first file encrypting and device locking trojan horse virus on Android discovered.
Microsoft has changed their Terms and Conditions. (See here for details)
- you give up your rights to become part of an eventual future class action lawsuit and
- you agree that Micro$oft is not responsible for anything.
My personal take-away:
Don't do any business with Micro$oft, don't entrust any data to their services!