Saturday, February 26, 2022

Suicide - or Norton? Little difference...

 I very rarely link to or quote other Internet based computer sources. But today I HAVE to do just that. 

You all probably know and at least one of Youtube's over 51 million channels. As far as computer stuff goes Linus Tech Tips (LTT for short) is one of the IMHO very good and reliable channels. They often are quite technical but then they additionally excel at commenting on general questions with a much broader appeal and relevance. Such a video from LTT with broad relevance today came to my attention and I believe you should watch this 10 minute video.

Not only does it speak about what I tell my customers for many years, that is "DO NOT USE NORTON", anything from Norton! 

This video tells the whole background about why Norton's offer to "mine" on your behalf for one of the new digital currencies seems to be IMHO at least suspicious or even outright criminal.

I hope you'll enjoy the video. And as usual I welcome any questions you might have, preferably by email.

Stay safe.