Thursday, May 30, 2013

Email From The IRS? No Way!

I am battling with uneasy feelings because of an obvious scam email although I know  that it is a scam. Needless to say but naturally I did not open the attached ZIP file.

I have problems imagining what some of my customers might feel and think if they received a scam email like this one (screen shot of how it looks in my email program, email addresses obscured):

This obviously is a scam. The clues to this are:
  1. No government agency will ever send you an email out of the blue; never ever!
  2. The open recipient address list in the top line of the picture is a gross violation of privacy and email etiquette; even the IRS would not do that I hope.
  3. "You have received" is bogus because according to the text of the email supposedly the IRS has received a complaint.
  4. "filled" instead of "filed"; typos of this kind are a dead giveaway.
The DELETE button was created for exactly this kind of email!

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