Saturday, June 8, 2013

Urgent Alert!

To all users of email accounts ending in @YAHOO.COM, @ATT.NET and @SBCGLOBAL.NET :

If you use the web interface, that is if you handle your email from within a web browser like Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer (boooo), then the look and feel of what you see has been or will be forcibly changed to a new look. It happened to me today.

Immediately I got this email;
What perplexed me was the "Mail Classic" moniker to the right of Yahoo. Why would some message relating to a NEW system be sent from the old one?

So I checked the link behind "Click Here". This is what I saw in the status bar of my email program:
This link goes to a web site that has nothing at all to do with Yahoo.

Do you see the rat when you smell it?

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