Thursday, February 28, 2013

Phone Scams - Way Too Many!

It has happened again: One of my customers got caught by a phone scam. This lady (elderly, pardon me) got a phone call claiming to be from a Microsoft partner company and informing her that her computer had reported a virus infection and needed to be thoroughly cleaned.

The lady fell for the ruse and gave the caller her debit/credit card information and allowed the guy remote access to her computer.

She ended up with almost $200 less in her bank account and a nasty virus program on her computer. Just the removal of this virus cost her additionally two hours of my time.

Currently I hear similar stories way too often.

Please read this article in Microsoft's Safety & Security center; it gives you everything you need to know. With this knowledge and a dash of common sense you can easily detect these scams.

Stay safe.

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