Thursday, February 28, 2013

Computer Security and Common Sense

As I have mentioned several times in earlier posts I am a paying subscriber to a technical blog that is MS Windows oriented. One of the latest articles talked about security on the internet and explained in detail a fairly technical method to secure web browsing and general work on a computer.I know that the method described in the original article is far too technical for most of my users.

But the article contained some general remarks that I want to quote verbatim:
We are all aware of the dangers of malware infection from the Internet these days. The danger has always been there, but this has increased a lot more because people with malicious intents are constantly devising new methods to infect the systems, and the inexperienced, naive, general-users/elderly/teens are the most affected by it. Malware infection from the Internet can occur in many ways:
  • Downloading a malware infected setup/file from a malicious site
  • Venturing to a malicious site
  • Clicking on a bad link in an email, or on a page, or on a bad advertisement
  • Clicking on links that fool you into believing that there is a malware on the system and prompt you to install rogue software etc.
Although there are many ways of getting infected by malware it does not mean that we need to become paranoid, or live in constant fear of the possible consequences. With a little effort, precaution, and by using common sense we can easily avoid getting systems infected with malware.
The key words in this quote IMHO are "by using common sense". Most of my customers and many listeners of my regular radio show may have heard my take on common sense. It is a simple question/answer saying:
Q: What is the problem with common sense?
A: Common sense ain't that common.
If you have read my immediately preceding post about phone scams you will understand when I state:
IMHO common sense is the most important ingredient in home computer safety.
How does one get common computer sense? Some may not like me saying it but it is fairly simple:
By learning at least the basics about the computer and conscientiously applying what one knows.

As usual I welcome comments and suggestions right here in the blog. Thank you in advance.

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