Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2016-02-25 WBKV Talking Points

Stay Safe on the Internet
  1. Always install Operating System updates
  2. Keep your installed applications up-to-date
  3. Do not use the same password at every site
  4. Install and be sure to update your anti-virus software

  5. Additionally install a free anti-malware scanner and use it(!) regularly
  6. Use a firewall (the FW built-in to Windows is good enough!)
  7. Backup your data!
  8. Enable the display of file extensions
  9. Do not open attachments from people you do not know (especially Word files, Locky ransomware travels in Word files! Use MS's Word and Powerpoint viewers to check files)
  10. Delete emails that say you won a contest or a stranger asking for assistance with their inheritance or money transfer
  11. Watch out for online and phone support scams
  12. Ignore and close web pop ups saying your computer is infected or has a problem (use ALT+F4)
  13. Ignore and close web pop ups that pretend to be a Windows alert (use ALT+F4)
  14. Some types of web sites are more dangerous than others
  15. Be extra vigilant when using Peer-To-Peer Software (torrents!)
  16. When installing software, watch for "bundled" tool bars and programs you don't want
  17. Read the End User License Agreement (EULA) Lol, I know!  


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