Wednesday, May 1, 2019

PuPs - Again and What are they?


That exactly is what PuPs are. Now that formulation with "potentially" is a protection against frivolous law suits; every PuP does something, in the opinion of it's author definitely something positive and useful. The word potential protects everybody who has to or wants to name these programs from lawsuits.

In my opinion EVERY PuP out there is outright malware and it is sad that existing laws and court decisions force us to use the word potential at all.

I happened to run across a good article (IMHO at least) about PuPs. You can find it here.  Yes, it's three years old and I believe I have already linked to it in an earlier article. I hope you don't mind to get the suggestion to refresh your memory.

The article I linked to in the previous paragraph refers to an even older article about one of the major sources of PuPs on our computers, the so called Download Portals.
IMHO a refresher about this might be recommended as well.

Stay safe.

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