Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tune-Up Utilities

The newest crooked trick is to tell you that your computer needs a "tune up" because it has so and so many "errors". You will be shown an impressively looking list with technical details. Please don't fall for this new trick.

This time around it's not virus programmers that try to scare you into doing the exactly wrong thing, this time well known companies use this old scare tactic to get their sticky finger into your wallet. The companies in question in the limited test I refer to are Corel, Norton and AVG.

When you try to use whatever is offered on your screen to "clean" the computer you are asked to pay! You can read about all the gory details here.

Please trust me, anybody, no matter how well known their name is, who tells you that your computer is full of errors or viruses or whatever and then wants money to correct the situation does NOT have your best interest on their mind! They are after your money, only after money!

Any commercially offered tune-up utility carries inherent dangers. Many are way too aggressive and some even have rendered well running systems unusable. Please stay away!

Read how the author of above linked detailed story summarizes his experience:
Scare tactics and hard sells should be a red flag. . . .

. . .  the software I test-drove for this article clearly seems aimed at inexperienced users who are more likely to purchase "repairs" when confronted with frightening reports of critical and numerous system problems. Unfortunately, these PC users often lack the skills to do basic troubleshooting themselves. 
My conclusions:
  • It's not only crooks anymore that try to scare unsuspecting computer users out of some money
  • Formerly renowned companies like Corel, Norton and AVG have begun to copy tactics so far only used by crooks; how desperate are these companies?
  • In the case of Norton software (marketed by Symantec Corp) they actually add insult to injury; IMHO Norton Anti-Virus has for years caused more trouble than done good.
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