Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wireless Security - Why?

Once more it is a customer's question that triggers a generic reply. With minor editing here is what I got asked:
When you were over. . . you told me that my internet service was "insecure" because I didn't  have a password  to log on. We have wireless internet. I didn't realize until today . . . that I still don't have a secure network. . . . Should we do that, or am I ok the way it is now?
 Here is my reply:

The question is not if "you are okay" with a not secured Internet connection.

The question is: How do you see the risk of some crook driving by your house while nobody is home, realizing that you have an unprotected wireless network, stopping and using your Internet connection for illegal purposes? And some month later you will have to explain to the FBI that it was not you or your husband who uploaded child porn from your Internet connection. (Only an example.)

Programs to indicate wireless networks are available for free and for all major types of smart phones.

For me the only question really is "Am I willing to let some stranger into my wireless network or not?"
 That question you have to answer yourself.
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