Monday, November 18, 2013

Warning - W A R N I N G - Warning

On October 23rd 2013 I wrote about a really, really bad new virus called CryptoLocker.

Back then, only three and a half weeks ago, CryptoLocker was an acute danger mainly in the UK, parts of continental Europe and in some Asian countries.

This has changed dramatically. Computer users in the USA get hit with this virus increasingly often. Since a few days I receive about five emails every day that offer me "free money" or pre approved credit cards "ready to be shipped" my way. Would I ever click on a link in such an email? Would I ever be tempted to open one of the attachments? You bet not!

A free(!) protection method is available but it will interfere to some degree with normal computer operation. When this happens the computer user needs a certain amount of technical know-how to correctly diagnose the reason for the interruption and the to create an exception; this has to happen every time when it happens. If you can do that you should look at CryptoPrevent.

For everybody else I shout as loud as I can:
Disconnect your external backup drive when the backup is done!
If you don't disconnect the backup drive your backup files will be encrypted as well! They are totally useless once encrypted.

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