Saturday, November 2, 2013

2013 11 04 WTKM Talking Points (Nov 4th 2013)

An epidemic of a new kind of malware; see:
       PuPs - No Virus But just as Nasty  and
       How Malware Gets Installed

Many more scam phone calls claiming computer infections.
Microsoft (and MS affiliates) do not know about us!
Do not let them work on your computer!
Do not give them any credit card information!

Six customers in three weeks; two "fell" for the scam!

Windows 8.1 rolled out Oct 17. So far NOT via Automatic Update!

New Windows 8 computer? 
Don't use Microsoft account! (privacy vs. convenience)
More info: What Exactly is a Microsoft Account
Either way MS tracks all searches, local & internet. (NO to Bing)
Turn off Smart Search
Use Classic Shell (free) or Start8 ($5) to start into desktop.
Install VLC media player (MS removed Media Player!)
Updating from 8 to 8.1:
BIG download (> 311MB)
More details here (Oct. 2013)
Too big for standard DSL connections

Win XP? Your risk of virus infection is SIX times higher that of Win 8 - NOW. 

Facebook is reportedly testing to track cursor movement (silently track a user's actions); tracks how individual visitors respond to ads for better targeting advertising!

India: Named ransomware capital of Asia Pacific; online crime costs the country (estimate)
$4bn in 2012, according to Symantec.
Average cost per victim $207; below worldwide average of $298.
See my blog about Crypto Locker.

Adobe's servers hacked. 38 million usernames and passwords plus source code stolen.

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