Friday, July 13, 2012

Yet Another Scam - Beware

Just today I got this email (screen shot from my email program):
Looks almost "real", doesn' it?

I thought "Yes, we have that old BoA credit card from store XYZ" and so I started reading the email..

I read until I saw the sentence in the red rectangle above. A bank asking to "confirm customer data"?
"No way you lil' ole scammer" was my reaction.

Then I thought to check the link on "HERE". And yes, you guessed it, it goes to some place somewhere but not to BoA; see this screen shot:

You csn see my cursor was on "HERE" and in the status line you see the target web site; No BoA at all!

My conclusion: Optically appealing scam.

This shows again that we need to think before we click!  And we better check every link in an email whether it's actual target has anything to with what it claims to be.

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