Monday, June 4, 2012

Email Scams Getting More Elaborate

A few days ago I received an email that requested to "verify" my Yahoo! account. Similar scams happen for, and based accounts all the time.

I took a screen shot of my email program to demonstrate a few details.

First warning flag:
In the top line you see (framed pink/purple) that the email comes from an individual Yahoo account in Australia.

Second warning flag: When I rested my mouse (without clicking!) on the link that textually seems to be from Yahoo! (red frame) you can see in the status bar on the bottom of the picture that the actually called web site is from a different web address, here "". Never, ever click on a link that translates to something else than the link claims!

Third and most important warning flag: No reputable company, no financial institution, no Internet company, absolutely nobody who wants to be taken serious on the Internet will ever ask you to confirm personal or account information via email.

It is amazing that this still has to be repeated and repeated and repeated. Please use your common sense BEFORE you click!

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