Sunday, May 25, 2008

Top Ways To Get Infected

Humor, maybe?

Humor .... but the best humor is usually also true .... unfortunately.

Assuming you really do have an updated Anti-Virus program and your OS and browser are up to date with critical security updates, here is what I encounter most often. A Baker's dozen or more of the top ten ways I see customer's computers getting infected.

  • Look for cracks, subdivided in illegal software and ..... well .... the other kind.
  • Browse the web for free porn or "nude pix of celebrity-x"!
  • Look for software that adds smilies to your posts, mail etc.
  • Look for cool or cute screen savers, song lyrics, etc.
  • Look for spy-ware or virus removers, concentrate on the kind that makes you pay before it removes anything.
  • Install a P2P program (yes, Limewire is a P2P program!) and repeat all of the above.
  • Look for poker games, slot machines and other gambling outfits, especially those with a sign-on bonus or the like.
  • Look for free ring tones and other stuff to spiffy up your cell phone.
  • Do NOT pay for anything, the Internet is a place where you can steal anything from everyone without even saying as much as thank you.
  • Click on those unexpected links and attachments in emails because you're the curious type...
  • Do loan your laptop to the next door teenager (or babysitter, etc.) for the weekend. Give him your Administrator account login so he can get his special project done with no hassles
  • Let your school age kid or his best friend use your computer, signed in with your regular (administrative) account, for “just 5 minutes to look up something for school'. Encourage them to click on the banner ads to see what they won!
  • Exchanging files in chat rooms and clicking on links in Instant Messages
  • Don't forget to open the greeting card that doesn't address you by name, and is from somebody you don't know and links to sweethartgreeting.gif.exe
  • Set up a wireless network and leave it unsecured.
  • Just do it when some irresponsible (or lazy?) support tech advises you to disable your firewall as the router "will keep the bad guys out", especially if you don't have a router installed.
  • Use the FREE virus scan from those folks who just did that 4am cable TV advertisement ... "is your computer running slow? Not yet? Well then! Pass our spam!"
  • Downloads from websites that promise something like: "Everything on our site is FREE and quite SAFE. We check manually every single gallery link before we add them. We are totally against pop ups, trojans, viruses, spy-ware, toolbars, automatic dialers and so on. Please visit our Help Page to learn more about these problems and how to get rid of them".
  • Let that outside guy with the (infected?) laptop use your network. You know that a router and or firewall are plenty of security because they protect you from the nasty old Internet and mal-ware never distributes from within a local network.
  • Allow anyone and their friend to use your perfectly secured PC. They will only disable your firewall and your anti-virus and they will find IE instead of the default Mozilla browser so they can look at or download their c**p.
  • Be sure to answer the unsolicited security warning from Paypal or your credit card company and update your account information right away.
  • Save big on OEM software; order Photoshop CE for only $70.
  • Goto that site that your friend told you about, disregard all the pop-ups that your anti-virus is throwing at you and simply just disable or un-install it so you can enjoy the ride, then call me a week later after your computer is slow as molasses, and see about getting a refund for that "pop up stopper" you were forced to pay $30 for that doesn't seem to be working.
  • Downloading and installing anything that is supposed to "speed" up your computer. Let it be a FREE INTERNET ACCELERATOR or SPEED UP WINDOWS.
  • "Error detected! Download xxxx ap to fix your computer" or "Critical errors found; download xxx to fix it."
  • "Your computer is infected with 'vb script that opens cd tray'. If your CD tray has just opened your computer is vulnerable to attack. Download XXXmalware to secure your computer today."

Just in case you have your doubts about above recommendations, trust me, they are proven methods to get me more business. Okay, in clear text, it's all "tongue-in-cheek".

Feel free to post any comment you may have.

Thank you in advance.

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