Sunday, May 25, 2008

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I direct quite a few of my customers who need to buy a new computer to This company not only most of the time has a good selection of new and manufacturer refurbished computers with rock-bottom pricing, they also have very competitive prices for hardware like displays and printers.
Because Tigerdirect sells computer hardware at rock-bottom prices they need to make a buck someplace else. My personal experience shows that one practically never gets a mail-in-rebate from Tigerdirect. Manufacturer rebates are another story though.
Tigerdirect sometimes adds so-called "free" stuff to Internet orders and on the phone they try hard to sell additional stuff. Beware!
Here a few basic rules:
1. If your computer is clean of viruses you can order on the Internet; otherwise order by phone (800-800-8300 24/7).
2. NEVER order anything with a Tigerdirect mail-in-rebate unless you are okay with the full price.
3. On the phone do NOT get involved in polite conversations; they all too often get used to put additional stuff on the order.
4. Order by item number and let the sales rep read back to you what actual thing the number resolves to on her/his screen. Compare that against your information and resolve discrepancies immediately.
5. Make it abundantly clear that you don't want ANY extras or add-ons, just what you ordered, nothing else or additional, not even so called "free" stuff. Let the sales rep confirm or repeat that she/he understood that.
6. If you order on the Internet check your shopping cart. Remove any additional items that may show up in the shopping cart.
Please understand that I do not sell hardware (computers or accessories) or software. I do not get ANY kickbacks or other “favors” of any kind, no matter what and where you buy. My interest is in you getting a good deal on a reasonable computer and me getting the (required) initial cleanup, update and setup jobs.
For all potential warranty issues you have to deal with the respective manufacturer. Keep your documents in a safe place but accessible AND KEEP ALL of the original packaging materials at least for one year!
Feel free to post any comment you may have.

Thank you in advance.

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