Saturday, May 24, 2008

Know where your download goes

If you download a file you should see a win
dow similar to this:

The marked areas show you the name of the file to be downloaded and what is to be done with the file.

If Save Disk is selected you will get a window like this:

You can navigate to where you want the file to be stored. (Your window will have different content though!).

It is totally IN YOUR HANDS where the file gets stored; write the location down!

If you download with Firefox in standard configuration you will see this window:

Again, you can clearly see what file name is being downloaded and where the download will be stored; write this location down!

If you download a program it is almost always a program to install (or setup) the program you actually want to use. After you have run this installer successfully AND when the new program works you should delete the installer program, especially if it was on your desktop..

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Thank you in advance.

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