Monday, May 26, 2008

New-PC Gunk: Extras You Don't Want

New-PC Gunk Extras You Don't Want” is the titele of an interesting article PC World senior editor Yardena Arar wrote; it was published July 24, 2006. You can still read it here.

That article is about the plethora of software that comes pre-installed on most new brand name computers and about ways to get rid of it.

Among others the article contains instructions on how to rid a computer of pre-installed software by editing the Windows Registry. I strongly advise normal home users NOT to edit the registry, it is way too risky.

The article further mentions a utility program named De-Crapifier. This program still is available here and officially free for home and personal use.

What neither this program nor any other program does is giving you the information, background and knowledge to make an educated decision about why to remove what.

As the article clearly states “... you may still have some cleanup to do.” Trust me, there is more to be done, sometimes much more.

So why not right away delegate this important job to someone with the necessary experience and know-how?

Feel free to post any comment you may have.

Thank you in advance.

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