Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Webroot Proven To Be Inadequate

Finally it has happened! Webroot Antivirus and Webroot Spysweeper software is gone. How did that happen?
Webroot, the manufacturer himself says it is not good enough for you!
They, Webroot, launched a new system based on completely new, unproven technology. You can read details on the TechWorld blog. And it costs money, naturally.

If your computer still has Webroot's Antivirus and/or Spysweeper installed then quickly uninstall it and replace it with Microsoft Security Essentials. You can read here how to do that correctly.
  • MSE is free.
  • MSE speaks simple English language that everybody can understand.
  • MSE allows you to work on your computer while it scans, even on weak older computers.
  • MSE employs massively proven techniques. 
Many people are not aware that Microsoft has many years of experience with combating malicious software. Okay, they had a rocky start but we are so long past these initial problems.

With first beginnings in 1997 many of MS's server customers have relied on Microsoft Forefront and these experiences have finally led to Microsoft Security Essentials.

As far as I know no other antivirus system ever had all of these advantages on it's side. 

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