Thursday, April 7, 2011

How A Rogue Program Gets On Your Computer

Folks, this is really important because rather sooner than later your computer will get nailed! if you don't know what to look out for, here is an excellent example to learn from. 

I am a (paying!) subscriber of the Windows Secrets newsletter. The latest issue begins with an article on LizaMoon, the newest mass threat from the internet. The article begins with these words:

A nasty piece of malware known as LizaMoon has hijacked links on millions of websites in the past weeks, including some normally safe iTunes and Google links.

The author describes in detail what happened and that he had to deliberately co-operate four times(!) for the real infection with that rogue program to take hold on his computer.

I highly recommend the article to all who read this!

If you want to know how to avoid LizaMoon (or other rogue programs) if it shows up on your computer reading this above mentioned article is a must!

Now that you know how to spot this sort of thing you want to know how to combat it? Firstly, know how to close these kind of program windows without giving them a chance to interpret your action as an invitation. This kind of infection needs your cooperation and at least one click on the "wrong" link or button. Please read this article here in this blog for more information. One of several methods to "kill" these attacks is detailed after the heading "How do I stop the attack that just started?" towards the end of the article.

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