Thursday, June 4, 2015

Windows 10 - Not Quite Yet!

Recently customers ask me questions about their computer system "wanting" to update to Windows 10. My current take:
Do not allow Windows 10 to be installed - yet.
Officially Windows 10 will be released July 29th 2015. Any offers before that date seem to be "fishy", to say the least.

Here we have a good example that Microsoft is sneaky. This icon and it's associated program(s) came as a recommended upate with Windows Update. This is not a functional improvement of your existing Windows system, it is blunt marketing.

Yes, I consider this to be fishy even if it comes from the legitimate icon that Microsoft puts an our machines via Windows Update. Not every computer should be upgraded to Windows 10 and especially not before the final release is out.

This is not really an offer to upgrade now, it is an attempt to sign you up for a "first in line" upgrade.

But even after the final release patience is recommended; there always have been "bugs of the first hour"; don't get "burned" if you are an average, non-technical home user.

In the near future I will publish another article on updating to Windows 10.

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