Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Why Me?

Recently I got asked by a prospect one too many times why he or his friends should prefer my computer services over some other person or big company. Thank you Larry P. for the question. Here is my answer:

I sell only my experience, my know-how and my time.

I sell NO material goods nor any software.

I do not get any kickbacks from any manufacturer, wholesaler or dealer.

I have worked professionally as a programer and administrator
     with computers since July 1st 1964
     with Microsoft software on CP/M computers since 1977
     with PCs since February 1982
     with Microsoft Windows since version 3.1 in 1992

Since 2001 I have specialized in loss-less virus removal on small networks and home computers and protecting these machines from the dangers of the internet.

I do not charge sales tax.

I have NO contractual ties to any product, manufacturer or wholesaler.

I recommend and install only freely available and functionally proven programs.

No added “hidden” cost for the home user.
Even a proven alternative to Microsoft Office® is officially available free of charge.

I have absolutely no hidden financial interest or other commercial bias.I receive absolutely no kickbacks of any kind, no matter where and what the customer buys.

I prefer real-life usability and experience over personal opinions and commercial “tests”.

I abhor industry shenanigans and trickery and warn my customers.

I can explain technically complex concepts in layman's terms.

I do not mince words but rather say it as I see it.
 As usual I welcome suggestions and comments right here in the blog.

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