Friday, December 7, 2012

Stern Warning - Be Careful!

I don't want to repeat almost the whole article that I stumbled upon today.You can read it here but please read all of it, that is please click through to page 2.

Every word of this article is true and please, take these quoted words to heart (emphasis added):
In the vast majority of cases, victims do not regain access to their computer unless they hire a computer technician to remove the virus manually. And even then, they risk losing all files and data . . .
That begs a few questions:
  1. Do any of your files, documents, poetry, articles you wrote, tax files, pictures of the grand kids or a deceased loved one or of important events in your life, whatever you have stored in your computer, does any of that have a value to you?
  2. Are these files and what they represent emotionally important?
  3. Are these files and what they represent financially or even legally important for your business (accounting, contracts a.s.o.)?
  4. Are these files professionally important? Think of your résumé, your CV, contracts and bids.
 I am sure you can think of other things on your computer that may be important to you. If you answered Yes to any of the questions above then I have to ask you:

Do you have a stable backup solution in place?

A backup solution that does not depend on you remembering to actually start the backup but rather does it's job automatically in the background as long as your external disk drive is plugged in and turned on?

Please remember that any data stored in a computer can vanish in an instant. Computers break, hackers get in and do damage, lightning strikes or the little sweet grand kid stumbles over the power cord of the notebook computer left on the couch table and the computer crashes to pieces . . .

If you do not have a stable automatic backup solution in place then it may be time to call me or to send me an email. "Call him" you ask? My customers have my phone number, listeners of WTKM hear it all the time and you have two different ways here in the blog to contact me via email.

As usual I welcome suggestions and comments right here in the blog.

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