Saturday, September 15, 2012

On Line Backup - Not For Me

Yesterday I wrote in my article "Free Trials - User Beware!" the following:
In my opinion some of these services are bordering on useless and/or the promised services lack a sound technical base. An example for the latter are in my opinion the numerous online data backup services. All these offers pitched to the unsuspecting consumer do not mention the speed problem.

Practically all normal Internet connections, whether via DSL, cable or wireless technology have the same big drawback in common: The transfer speed from your computer up to the service's computers is significantly slower than the download speed that you experience when you browse web pages or watch a video or peruse Facebook.
Today I can give you numbers from the hard reality of what that means in real life terms.

I read on a fairly techie-oriented website a glowing endorsement of the online backup service CrashPlan and decided to give it a try. I downloaded their software, installed it and set it up to back up only the minimally required folders with my most important data.

Several hours later I wrote this email to Crash Plan's customer support:
Based on a recommendation at I bought your xxxxx plan for 2+ home computers instead of signing up for a trial. What a mistake.

After paring down the directories to the absolutely necessary minimum your program tells me after over 5 hours of run time that it still estimates another 12.2 days of run time remaining.

I am sorry, but this is absolutely unacceptable for me.

I herewith cancel my purchase. I have stopped the transfer by killing the process in Task Manager. I have uninstalled your software and deleted the downloaded installer file.

According to the promise on your web site

Our risk-free cancellation policy will automatically credit you for the
remaining unused months on any plan if you decide to cancel at any time.
I request that you please refund my payment.
Well, I warned you and promptly, on the very next day I stumble by my own free will directly in the trap. Dumb old man that I am!

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