Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Buying Computers at Best Buy

Many customers of mine ask me for advice what computer to buy. Often I have to send them to a Best Buy store simply because BB sometimes has rock bottom priced offers that can't be beat anywhere. 

Best Buy has perfected several techniques of power selling. As every big company does they see to their own bottom line first and customers are an unavoidable means to that end.
Here is some advice derived from my own years of experience at Best Buy stores and from stories customers told me. The following is not said to blackmail Best Buy, it is an attempt to help you to protect yourself. 

Their sales people are excellently trained to push additional "stuff" on you that you don't need. 

They use FUD to confuse you, especially when they realize that you don't know much about computers and/or are insecure.

Go there well prepared, best with a printout of the first page of the description of the computer from their own web site. Say "I want to buy THIS computer and nothing else, absolutely nothing else!".
Do NOT accept any additional "offers".
  • You do NOT need any of the anti virus or security programs they offer.
  • You do NOT need a worthless extended warranty.
  • You do NOT want ANY extras.
  • Be stubborn, buy the computer ONLY.
  • If the sales person gets too obnoxious ask them what part of NO they don't understand.
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