Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Anti - WHAT? A real life rant

I just received an email from a customer that is so typical that I post the text and my reply here literally with no further comment.

YOUR comments right here in the blog are welcome as always.

Thank you.

The text of the email:
"With ATT automatically providing antispyware I don't need to renew avasti, right?".

My response:
It is up to you to decide if you want to trust 27 years of PC
experience and 45 years of computer experience or if you prefer to overlook the obvious self-interest of big companies and trust their promises.

Don't we all just now see where it's getting the country and the world if we trust in what "the big guys" are telling us?

And then, as a fact, you talk about "antispyware".
avast! is an anti-virus program.
Don't update it and/or remove it at your own risk!

Additionally I would appreciate if you would please read this entry on my blog.



Anonymous said...

Hi Eike,

I first heard about you on WTKM radio. and discovered your blog by Googling your name. I just bought a Systemax which came with MS Office 2007 trial version. I removed this and installed MS Works which I had on my old machine and have become quite used to it. My new system has no AV software and I was wondering if you have any opinions on AVG vs Avast! free edition?

Mike Moldenhauer

Eike Heinze said...

Thanks for asking.
You find all the info you ask for in blog entries I wrote in May and June 2008 and one from April 2009.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for steering me to your May and June 2008 entries. I'm using AVG right now on both mine and my wife's computers. It seems to work OK on both. In the past I've used Norton, McAfee and Bit Defender. They were good, but used a heck of a lot of resources. I'm now taking your advice and installing Avast.