Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2015-07-23 WBKV Talking Points

Windows 10
  • You will get updates like it or not
    License agreement: 'receive these types of automatic updates without any additional notice'.
  • Will be sold on USB drives (no need for DVD drive!)
    Seen on's pre-order page; US release date likely August 30th
  • Price for Windows 10 Home $119.99, for Windows 10 Pro $199.99
Adobe Flash player
A seemingly endless saga of bugs and updates.
Per July 20
th you should be at version; everything below that is potentially dangerous!
Mozilla on July 20th temporarily blocked Flash Player in Firefox!

This month's Patch Tuesday fixed 59 vulnerabilities

Microsoft stops AV support for XP
Microsoft Security Essentials nolonger updated on Window XP
Yes, there are still about
180 million people using it!

WPA-TKIP can be cracked in an hour!
Check your WiFi setup.
I know many (older?) DSL routers that have ONLY WPA-TKIP; they need to be replaced!

Google Chrome to add RED SCREEN warning
Only for ads with malicious content, known malicious web pages and web sites.

CVS's photo web site hacked and off-line
Other possibly affected firms are Walmart, Costco, Tesco, Asda & Marks and Spencer; they all used Canada-based PNI Digital Media.
I recently tried the CostCo web service and was appalled by it's bad user interface; I ran away real quick.

Hopefully listener calls with questions.


Anonymous said...

So windows 10 will allow Microsoft with a simple auto update to simply shut down every windows 10 computer in a given country or perhaps the world like they did with their recent shutdown of whole domain names.

It seems windows 10 has worse potential than any virus so far reported.

Eike Heinze said...

Well Anonymous, thank you for commenting.

It is a fact that botched updates have in the past bricked some computers.
Considering that we talk about well over 1 BILLION PCs out there even 100,000 bricked computers are only a minute, IMHO negligible number although it sure hurts if it happens to you.

I have read forum messages from quite a few people that fear just that and just for this reason do not upgrade to Windows 10.

And you may even be correct that Microsoft, at least theoretically, could deliberately take any group of machines out of the action. I do believe though that they will never do that; imagine the ensuing PR disaster, not talk about claims for compensation of damages.

Taking down a domain is quite another thing because that usually is done in cooperation with law enforcement and sometimes even internationally. The domain being taken down "hurts" only the people that run it and that is exactly what is the desired effect in the cases that I have heard of.