Sunday, November 2, 2014

2014-11-03 WTKM Talking Points (November 3rd. 2014)

Poodle bug:

The gist of it is: SSL is buggy, outdated security (encryption) protocol and only still supplied for backward compatibility. You can protect your computer relatively easy.
An understandable explanation and instructions on what to do are here
Google and Microsoft will kill SSL in upcoming browser updates.
MS warns explicitly to upgrade older versions of IE. 

Windows 8 will have to be upgraded to 8.1 by Jan. 12, 2016 (See MS blog here).

Windows 10 Technical Preview got updated to build 9860.
Very big (= LONG download and install times, think hours; In a VM or an a computer with only 2GB think many hours)!

Windows 10 will probably bring significant security improvements and/or new security features.

Brace yourself, the good old password will be “reborn”. Look up Two Factor Authorization. You likely will either have to carry some gadget or a smartphone to be able to log on to your computer.

Surely sounds tedious but it's MUCH safer.
Computer prices in stores have crept up; about + $100 compared to three months ago.. Do dealers prepare for Black Friday "rebates"?

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