Monday, September 8, 2014

2014-09-08 WTKM Talking Points (September 8 2014)

Linksys and Cisco routers unsafe! Updating does NOT help.
Any other router: Turn WPS off (known since 2011)

Cloud Storage: Another example of lost access and no recourse.

For-Pay Windows maintenance tools worthless

Infectious” USB drives on the horizon. So far only drives with a certain type of controller but that might change.
But they don't tell us what brand controller is affected.

14 antivirus apps have security problems.
    After finding basic boo-boos in security software researcher says vendors just don't care.
Avira, BitDefender, ESET and Panda (
among others) in “hall of shame”.

The skinny: The more a security app does the bigger the attack surface
the more it slows down the computer.

Why do people create virus programs? MONEY!
CryptoWall alone cashed over six months more than $1.1 million

Did Home Depot get hacked? Whether yes or no,
currently do not use ANY card at any retail stores.

Firefox enhances security with new version 32. Upgrade!

Mac security programs: Only three of 18 very good, a few good. Fuhgetabout the rest.

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