Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cloud Storage - again

May 5th 2013 I documented my opinion about cloud storage based on a real life example with Google's service.

Today I ran across a similar example based on Microsoft's service named "LiveDrive". Here is the original text:
LiveDrive has started closing people's accounts without warning.  Not everyone's account, of course.  Just a few.  And when those people contact the company to ask why, they're told that they were breaching the terms of their "unlimited storage" package by, er, storing too much stuff.

If this happens to you, and you make a fuss, LiveDrive will restore your access in order that you can retrieve any important data.  However, in the experience of a couple of friends of mine, this access has its bandwidth throttled to such a degree that it is virtually impossible to download anything.  So your files are pretty much lost.
So again, as a reminder, cloud storage services may be convenient but:
Your data is not safe!

You can lose access any time without warning! 
Always keep the original file locally stored and locally backed up! But does that not blow the loudly touted advantages of cloud-backup clearout of the water?

Sometimes I am outright fascinated by how easily people can be made to believe in third parties they have absolutely no control over.

IMHO at least the cloud is no place to entrust my most important documents and irreplaceable memories (aka pictures) with.

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