Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Computer is NOT a Toy

Your computer is not a toy, even if your children or grandchildren disagree. Use it responsibly and enjoy it.
Antivirus software can help you prevent certain types of malicious software and viruses. But any antivirus is not the ultimate solution
If your system is slow or sluggish it does not necessarily have to be virus infected. Mostly some program is causing the slow down, very often big "security suites" are the culprit (see here). Or over time too many programs think they always have to run in the background or simply by now your hardware is outdated.

“Outdated hardware?” you ask? Oh yes; Windows and most important programs get updated all the time. That means they are being made more secure and/or get new functionality. This is possible only by growing larger; they contain much more code than they did originally. Your hardware is still what was sufficient in 2004, 2005 or 2006 but this not sufficient any longer.
We may not like to be told directly and honestly but most security problems with Windows computers are caused by.... the user. Keep your common sense hat firmly on at all times and think before you act.
Remember:" With great power comes great responsibility!" As a responsible user, you can enjoy the web without “pay through the nose” bloated and expensive security suites and without having to battle viruses or rogue programs.
Everything you need is available free of charge if you do your homework before going to that download site only because “there was a link”. Example at hand: Many well known and widely distributed computer publications (ZDNet, PC World are only examples!) will give you download links to This site will always download and install a totally superfluous "Downloader" program that from then on will always run in the background on your computer.  
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