Thursday, January 14, 2010

Adobe, again it’s Adobe - Shun Their Reader!

Now this is worth reading I think; take some time, get a cup of Java and read on.
Regularly I receive a MS-Windows specific newsletter that usually has pertinent and correct information. Here is a literal quote that I think is worth reading (emphasis added):
Beginning April 13, Adobe plans to release automatic, silent updates for its Adobe Reader PDF-viewing software.

In an interview with, Brad Arkin, Adobe director of product security and privacy, said Acrobat Refresh Manager was quietly installed on millions of machines worldwide as part of the October 2009 quarterly patch released by the company.

The new, silent updater is currently disabled. Now, as before, Adobe Reader prompts users when an update is available and lets them decide whether to install it. Adobe wants to change this because users often postpone an update until they're confident the patch won't cause problems of its own. This delay opens what Arkin calls a "window of vulnerability."

Acrobat Refresh Manager is designed to take the user out of the equation; the updates will install when Adobe wants them to. This week's scheduled Adobe Reader update will begin test-activating the new updater with "selected users."

Depending on the results of this testing, Adobe Reader's automatic, silent updater may be operational across the millions of Reader installations starting in April. The company currently has announced no plans to launch an automatic-update feature for its Flash Player or any other Adobe products.
IMHO that is a typical example of a big company taking over my computer without either informing me nor asking my consent! What Adobe’s director of privacy and security sys there means:
  1. Adobe does on my computer what they want when they want it and however they want to do it. They treat my computer as if it were theirs!
  2. I am being “silenced” – and I don’t like that, believe me!
  3. Adobe decides to use my computer and me as their guinea pig whether I like it or not, whether I am willing to cooperate or not!
What are these idiots at Adobe thinking? That is worse than Microsoft eventually labeling new functionality that only helps them as a “security update”. I have written about Adobe’s more than questionable policies and related problems here and here.

For me the consequences are clear: Adobe Reader gets removed from all my computers! I will replace it with PDF X-Change Viewer; how to get PDF X-Change Viewer is described here.

Commonly recommended alternatives like CutePDF, Foxit Reader and eventually others will attempt to install gunk-garbage like the Ask-Toolbar and make other not desirable changes. User beware!

As usual I welcome comments and suggestions right here in the blog. Thank you in advance.

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