Monday, November 1, 2021

Windows 11 - YES or NO?

Today I have been asked the first time by a customer the question that now became the title of this post.

My personal opinion clearly is NO!

But don't just believe me. 

AskWoody is IMHO one of the very best sources of information about Windows and they have just posted their take on this question. 

The free edition of their newsletter can be read here.

Scroll down a bit until you find the title beginning with
"Most corporate PCs can’t install Windows 11..."

To make it easier for you I will quote their conclusion verbatim,  that is as it was published.

Unless you have a specific need, Win11 isn’t a must-have upgrade

As I wrote in my October 18 column, there are few, if any, compelling new features in Win11 for most people, aside from cosmetic changes. The exception is if you have an application that demands a particular TPM 2.0 form of encryption. All US government agencies, for example, are required to use the 256-bit SHA-2 algorithm that TPM 2.0 supports. (The older TPM 1.2 chip supports the flawed 160-bit SHA-1 algorithm).

For everyone else, Windows 10 remains a stable and productive platform that will get updates for at least the next four years. That’s plenty of time for you to decide whether you really need Win11 — or you’d rather skip it until Windows 12 arrives.

For the moment, experts are recommending that most people stay on Win10. That includes reviewers from PC World (“You shouldn’t upgrade to Windows 11 yet”), Forbes (“Don’t rush to take that free upgrade”), Tom’s Guide (“I wouldn’t upgrade to Windows 11 yet”), and on and on.

For details on the 30-million machine study, see Lansweeper’s summary.

Did you get it? Windows 11 is NOT a "must have" upgrade.

With all the recent back and forth about this and considering Microsoft's history with these things I definitely will stay away from Windows 11!

Should Microsoft ask you any questions about Windows 11 PLEASE read the question(s) again and make sure that you answer NOT to upgrade to Windows 11!

Windows 10 is quite reliable and will be supported until October 2024!

If you have your computer now for at lest two years it will by then be old enough to think about a new machine anyway.

Any other concerns or question(s)? As always, feel free to ask; email preferred.

Stay safe.

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