Tuesday, June 2, 2020

New REMOTE SUPPORT program and service

For many years now I have used the Canada based company Instant Housecall and their program of the same name to give remote support to my customers.

Since a few months I can not log in to that service anymore, they do not accept my password and their password reset mechanism does not solve the problem for me. So I looked for an alternative and naturally for an alternative that would not entail cost for my customers. And I have found a solution.
As of immediately (June 1st 2020) I use a new company and their program to give remote support.

Their name is Any Desk. I install this program on all new computers and on any computer that I upgrade or work on directly.

If you want (or need) remote support all my many existing customers currently have only one option and PLEASE do this only when we speak with each other on the phone!

  • Click this link to download AnyDesk.exe.
  • When the download has finished open your Downloads folder,
  • find file AnyDesk.exe and 
  • double click this file name.
AnyDesk will open; here is what it will look like:
Start screen AnyDesk
In this example your AnyDesk address is 272 709 277.  

I will ask you for these numbers and then connect to your computer.

Trust me, it is not half as complicated as it may seem now.

Stay safe.

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