Thursday, November 19, 2015

2015-11-19 WBKV Talking Points

Upgrade to Windows 10 will be enforced by January!
The only way around is a change in Windows Update Settings. Details in 4 weeks.

Beware of wrapper programs when downloading ANY programs. Even well known so-called “download sites” are nasty malware slingers. Update Chrome browser from Google ONLY!

Beware of that cheap tablet on Amazon or eBay! Chinese knock offs with pre-installed advertisement malware abound!

Some of Edward Snowden's tips for privacy on home computers:
  • Use an ad-blocker. Ads with active content (moving or playing anything in the ad) require the use of Javascript or Flash; actively block all advertisements.
  • Use a password manager. Despite the many reminders telling people to use different and complex passwords, a huge percentage of users maintain borderline idiotic approaches. Simply: Get a password manager. It will protect you.
  • Use two-factor authentication. Gmail, Twitter, Dropbox, Hotmail and Facebook offer 2FA free of charge. Even if your password does get exposed, you still have a text message as backup.
  • Use the HTTPS Everywhere browser plug-in. It comes from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and will enforce encrypted browser communication.
  • Encrypt your hard drive. Relatively easy these days but be careful to do two things:
    1 Have a long encryption phrase for best results
    2 Make darn'd sure you remember that phrase. The small slowdown in performance is tolerable on a modern computer.
  • Be smart with your security questions. Don't use your mother's maiden name everywhere; or your first school. Mix things up; one account gets hacked the same information does not apply everywhere else.

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