Wednesday, October 21, 2015

2015-10-22 WBKV Talking Points

Avast antivirus caught with severe vulnerability. Update, update, update.

Old cell phone? Make sure you erase ALL data!
Massive amounts of personal data recovered from 35% of discarded cell phones

Microsoft has silently fixed a massive authentication blunder.
Before the fix
EVERY email account,, and 
These accounts could have been hacked because of an error in the authentication routines.

Many web sites offering software downloads are nasty malware slingers.

Don't buy a laptop right now; prices seem sky high! Maybe it gets better with Thanksgiving sales.

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Eike Heinze said...

You can find my "normal" reaction to anonymous comments in a few places in this blog.
To make it very clear: If you hide you seem to have something to hide.
No further comment.

But I respond here because you and eventually others might misunderstand my posting of the talking points. I do that on the evening before I am on the radio station or sometimes very early in the morning of the day of the broadcast. This is to give my regular listeners a heads up on what we might be talking about.

If you or anyone else wants more information feel free to drop me an email; the email address in the left side bar of the blog.