Wednesday, May 13, 2015

2015-05-14 WBKV Talking Points (May 14th 2015)

All Win 7 & 8 users can upgrade to Win10 for free – for one year (only?).
Then licensing will kick in? Home user be careful! I assume MS goes to a subscription model, that is yearly licensing. Win7 is paid for and good until Jan, 2020, Win8 until Jan 2023.
2016 is free but you would have to
pay again for 2017, 18,19 (20, 21, 22).

New ways to infect computers:
“… emails ostensibly sent from legitimate companies with which we might or might not have had previous business. ... often includes a link requesting to update your account. The legitimate company has no idea it’s name is being abused. Anyone who is familiar with the company might click the link and immediately have their machine attacked.”
Even small company's names are now being used.

Most malware is directed at Windows, not Mac and a phenomenal rise in malware for Android phones; Android is an open system. When installing Android apps, you give permission for the app to use various system features. Nobody who installs Android (or Windows) software reads the EULAs and permission notices; we simply accept them with a click.”
Some outrageous statements and demands have been discovered in some EULAs by people who actually read them. A list of some of the funnier ones is here:

Malicious advertising on the rise. My customers are safe if they use the computer as I recommend, that is Firefox browser with Adblock Plus extension enabled.

Windows Server 2003 will go out of support after July 14th. You have to update! Running an outdated server is hazardous to everyone connected to it!

If someone calls you and claims to be in any way affiliated with Microsoft IT IS A SCAM!

Download portals (, et al) are huge malware slingers.
Have your DNS settings been tampered with? Test here (but know what is correct…)

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