Thursday, March 26, 2015

2015-03-26 WBKV Talking Points (March 26 2015)

Free Panda Ant Virus bricks computers! My advice: stay with MS Security Essentials or Defender.
Danger from USB drives: A newly demonstrated device has the potential to fry the USB port and possibly other components on motherboards, even the CPU!

A test for the Superfish bug is here, removal instructions are here.
Firefox vers. 36.0.1 has protection against SF, vers. 37 will further improve certificate checking!

All Win 7 & 8 users can upgrade to Win10 for free – for one year (only?).
Then licensing will kick in? Home user be careful! Microsoft does not give anything away for free; that is the first concrete step to get us all to accept a licensing model, that means yearly payments.

Seagate reluctant to fix serious bug in some of their NAS drives.

More bugs in Adobe Flash Player! Currently (as of March 16) officially released version is!
Many fake updates! Users are tricked to download and install a fake plugin that then installs a key logger to collect log in info & passwords. User beware! 

If anyone calls you and claims to be in any way affiliated with Microsoft IT IS A SCAM!

Download portals (, et al) are huge malware slingers.

Have your DNS settings been tampered with? Test here (but know what is correct…)

Adobe's cash-less bug bounty program: Can it ever work?

Symantec splitting security (Norton) from storage business. The beginning of the end (like HP)?

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