Monday, June 2, 2014

2014-06-02 WTKM Talking Points (June 02 2014)

First thing’s first: If you log in to Facebook on your computer and are mysteriously prompted to download a “unique software tool for safe and secure authentication” to your Android device, do not proceed.

If this occurs, your computer is already infected and downloading the software will infect your Android device as well. If you are seeing such a prompt you need help!

A new Trojan distributed through Facebook instant messaging and Yahoo! Messenger has claimed hundreds of victims.

Ebay data breach: Have you changed your password? Is it unique (on the whole big web)?
Ebay is very slow to alert affected customers.

Antivirus firm Avast: We got broken in to. Security guys can't secure their own computers? Oh PLEASE! Do NOT use Avast any longer! Replace it with Microsoft Security Essentials (or Windows Defender on Win 8).

Do you remember?
About 6 to 8 weeks ago the US government (DHS) advised NOT TO USE Internet Explorer! IE 8 still vulnerable; no fix yet. Upgrade to newer version!
In Windows version you should run at least
Vista SP2 IE 9
Windows 7 IE 9
Windows 8 IE 10
Windows 8.1 IE 11

AOL confirms security breach. Yes, we are in 1995 again!

Windows 8.1 Update went to Automatic Updates April 8th. 890+MB; huge; be VERY patient!

Apple has released updates for Safari web browseron OS X fixing 22 serious security flaws.

Test if your Linksys/Cisco Routers is supported. If not you have to replace it.
"Not supported" means that the firmware is unsafe and can not be updated.

 Do NOT tolerate Youtube ads! Some of them distribute malware and trojan horse viruses!

"Microsoft scam calls": Sorry but neither MS not their "partners" know that we exist.
“I am calling from Windows”; there is no company named "Windows"!
All downloads, fixes updates a.s.o. offered for Windows XP are bogus; beware!
Yahoo and AOL hacked; serve infected advertisements!

Symantec: Antivirus (the Norton products!) is 'DEAD' – says Symantec's CEO.

US Senate slams advertisement servers for security failings.
Will anything ever be done about it?

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