Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thunderbird 3.1.* Finally Usable!

It has happened – finally! Yesterday Thunderbird (TB) version 3.1 was released and my two major gripes with the 3.0.* versions have been alleviated.

Upon the first start of TB after installing version 3.1 it asked if I wanted to install the CompactHeader add-on and the ExtraColumns add-on. I said yes to both and now TB version 3 has important functionality that I did not want to miss – and many customers had confirmed that choice.

Don’t despair if you miss above windows and questions or if you already have TB 3.* running without these add-ons. You can find and install the add-ons from this web page. Search for “Compact Header” and “Extra Folder Columns”, go to their description and download them. Don’t forget to install them after the download!

Happy emailing.

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