Sunday, March 8, 2009

Updating to Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition free (2009)

Currently Ad-Aware offers an update to Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition. You always want to keep all security programs as up-to-date as possible. To update do the following in this sequence:
  1. Download the installer for the latest version of Ad-Aware from here.
  2. Remove the old version.
    (XP: Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs)
    (Vista: Control Panel, Programs and Features)
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Run the installer program you downloaded in step 1.
  5. Do not run anything else at the same time.
    The installer will restart your computer without a warning!
  6. Start Ad-Aware.
  7. Close the first screen.
  8. Do a Web-Update.
  9. Scan your computer.
  10. If all works as expected delete the downloaded installer file.
As usual I welcome comments and suggestions right here in the blog.

Thank you in advance.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ike,

This is Diane. You'll be happy to know that I finally got Quicken loaded on my computer. After spending another $80.00 with Microsoft support and determining it was NOT their issue either by completely reloading MS and running their utilities for security and permissions. Finally I called back to Quicken for the 50th time, and suggested perhaps they would like to send me an older version. They sent 2008. It installed in two minutes.

But somehow the setup you left me isn't quite right somehow. After my opsys was reloaded, I logged into your site and tried to follow all your instructions, but something isn't quite right. So, if you are ever in my neighborhood, perhaps you could stop by and just reload the programs that you put on the last time.

Thanks again


Eike Heinze said...

Please, Diane WHO? Phone number? Address? (Do NOT post it here publicly!)

I have served four ladies named Diane in the last three or four months AT LEAST.
I don't like riddles of this kind and this will be the ONLY reply to any posts like this. If I worked for you you have my email address so please use it instead of posting here anonymously!
Regards Eike