Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My take on AVG 8.x Free

You probably have gotten reminders from AVG to upgrade to version 8. All these reminders sound like that is a for pay version only. This is NOT true. Grisoft has the AVG 8.0 Free download on this web page. It is quite a trip to get there though.

Here is my admittedly personal scoop on AVG 8; no claims to completeness either.

· With the advent of version 8 of AVG Free the program has undergone a major transformation. Even the free version has added features. Some comments follow:

· Anti-Spyware: Resident program feature that adds memory usage and asks technical questions that most of my customers will not even want to read.

· Safe Search: Searching for these words on AVG’s web site does not bring up any explanation for this feature; curious to say the least.

· Practical experience shows that it adds a marker to Google search results; this marker was explained similar to this:
“In our tests this web site did not exhibit malicious behavior.”

· The above is totally inferior to McAfee’s Siteadvisor; that actually says something about the quality of downloads, spam emails and dangerous links.
And with this new AVG feature it clearly took longer to get the search results.

My conclusion: AVG is on the way to become (yet another?) program package like a “Swiss army knife”; too bad.

I will not install it on my customer’s machines any longer.

I recommend and will be replacing it with Alwil Software’s program “Avast! 4 Home”. You can read details about this software on this web page.

I know of two other free anti virus programs, Clamwin and Avira's AntiVir. Both do not screen incoming emails and Clamwin has no on-access scanning; thus both lack at least one must have feature. This is why I choose Alwil Software's avast! program.

In May 2008 I posted instructions on "Switching to avast! anti virus". Please refer to these instructions if you want to attempt the switch.

Good Luck.

Feel free to post any comment you may have.

Thank you in advance.

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