Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Microsoft is at it AGAIN!

Finally some big Microsoft customers have gotten Microsoft to stop trying to squeeze their Bing search and Bing software on Windows computers. And what happens a few month later?
Microsoft is at it again!
Recently I see more and more (especially Windows 7) computers with Skype installed - and the user of the computer swears they did not install it, they don't use it and most say they have no idea what it is or does.

The last point is answered by Wikipedia like this:
Skype /ˈskp/ is a telecommunications application software that specializes in providing video chat and voice calls from computers, tablets and mobile devices via the Internet to other devices or telephones/smartphones.
By now Skype can send text messages and do some data sharing as well.

It is useful if you often want to video chat (camera required) or voice chat (microphone required) for free over the Internet. It sure is a nice thing for families with relatives abroad, just think of families with relatives in the armed forces. 

Microsoft installs Skype by default so that it always runs. I have seen quite a few computers that got severely slowed down when Skype was running.

If you do not want Skype on your computer:

Microsoft has begun to offer it as an Optional Update. If you see "Skype for Windows" when checking for Windows Updates please right click on the Skype entry and then left click on Hide Entry. It should look like this (the hourglass symbol is my cursor):

IMHO it is a shame that Microsoft thinks they need these kind of tricks to get their software on unsuspecting home user's computers.

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