Monday, May 5, 2014

2014-05-05 WTKM Talking Points (May 05 2014)

First thing’s first: If you log in to Facebook on your computer and are mysteriously prompted to download a “unique software tool for safe and secure authentication” to your Android device, do not proceed.
If this occurs, your computer is already infected and downloading the software will infect your Android device as well. If you are seeing such a prompt you need help!
This Android malware can:
  • Intercept real two factor authentication codes sent by real service providers
  • Capture any SMS text, incoming and outgoing
  • Redirect outgoing calls to a preprogrammed phone number
  • Capture audio by activating microphone
  • Steal metadata like call logs and contacts lists
AOL confirms security breach from spam attack. Email addresses, passwords and home addresses swiped. AOL Mail locks down email servers to deal with spam tsunami; are we in 1995 again?

Windows 8.1 Update 1 went to Automatic Updates April 8th. Be warned, that will be up to 6 updates rolled in one of 890+MB; huge; be VERY patient!

Apple has released updates for iOS and OS X operating systems fixing 19 sserious security flaws as well as some stability updates.

New hole in Internet Explorer already under attack to hijack Pcs. The bug hits all IE versions from 6 to 11, no patch yet!
      US government advised NOT TO USE Internet Explorer!

Test if your Linksys/Cisco Routers is supported. If not you have to replace it.
"Not supported" means that the firmware is unsafe and can not be updated.

Do NOT tolerate Youtube ads! Some of them distribute malware and trojan horse viruses!

"Micro$oft scam calls": Sorry but neither M$ not their "partners" know that we exist.
“I am calling from Windows”; there is no company named "Windows"!
All downloads, fixes updates a.s.o. offered for Windows XP are bogus; beware!
"Open" public WiFi-Hotspot? UN-safe by design! Do nothing requiring a password or the password could get stolen!

Michael's Crafts hacked. Three million more credit card's info stolen!
Search all now-public NSA surveillance docs at your leisure. See The NSA Archive.

Microsoft spells out new rules for exiling .EXEs. Adware classification regime won't tolerate privacy probes or auto-installs. Let's see what that does to PuPs.

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