Monday, April 7, 2014

2014-04-07 WTKM Talking Points (Apr 07 2014)

Windows 8.1 Update 1 will go to Automatic Updates April 8th. Be warned, that will be up to 6 updates. BE patient!

Apple has fixed 27 vulnerabilities in it's Safari web browser for OS X

Linksys Routers can be hacked.You own any Linksys or Cisco router? Update router firware NOW.Many common models are at danger. Test if your Linksys/Cisco router is still supported. If not you have to replace it. "Not supported" means that the firmware can not be updated any more.

Cisco fixes SIX different vulnerabilities in it's Cisco and Linksys routers! Check your router for firmware updates now if you have a Linksys or a Cisco router!

Banking Trojan Caphaw distributed through Youtube ads! If you get ANY ads when on YouTube you need to call me; you are using the wrong web browser and/or your browser is not set up for safe browsing. Firefox and AdblockPlus rule.

"Micosoft scam calls" abound. I asked one of these callers which one of our five computers he was talking about. Fun...

Public WiFi-Hotspot? UN-safe by design! Do nothing requiring a password!

Malware in hoax emails warning
recipients that they may have cancer.

Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013,
and Office for Mac 2011 are vulnerable to a newly discovered bug in handling RTF files. No fix yet.

Banks charge Target and one of it's suppliers (of computer security advice!) in a class action lawsuits. Already $172 million damage to banks and more to come.

New ransomware CryptoDefense made programming error and left decryption key behind. Be very careful opening ANY attachments. When in doubt ask!

Search all now-public NSA surveillance docs at your leisure. See The NSA Archive.

Microsoft spells out new rules for adware classification. Won't tolerate privacy probes or auto-installs. Let's see what that does to PuPs


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