Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Phishing Revealed In Detail

Here is an outstanding article on how to spot a phishing email. Although taken from real life this example naturally does not cover exactly what you may encounter. But the principal method to spot phishing emails is always the same, simply be observant and use common sense.

Yes, I know, the problem with common sense is that it is not all that common . . .

I suggest you stop reading when you reach the header line "The Attachment" unless you want to learn the geeky stuff. This has several reasons:

  1. When you already suspect an email to be phony than still downloading an attachment would be outright dumb and suicidal. Pardon my French.
  2. I REALLY don't want you to even try to download a suspect attachment! Way too many virus infections happen this way.
  3. After the discussion of the attachment it gets very quickly very technical.

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